July 18, 2016

Our filters have multiple uses and how you can enjoy the coffee in a number of different ways.  If you find yourself working long hours at the office/workplace and you cannot stand the coffee brewed there, a great option is to purchase 7 or 14 of our coffee satchels.  Basically, you can store them at work in your desk (a shady and comfortable place in room temperature), fill your kettle with hot water and consume.  Easy.  

Once you've used and consumed 11 or 12 of our satchels, simply go back to our website to purchase more filters.  Our product can be used anywhere at anytime. The office is a great place to store and consume our filters because many of us need the necessary caffeine fix to get through the tough work day.  However, many of us also enjoy coffee leisurely. With that said, you can enjoy our product on a road trip, a picnic, at a camp ground, in an airplane, on a train, etc.  

Our products are easy to package and deliver to those that want higher quality coffee with no confusion on how to use them.  They're much easier to use then standard brewing devices (pour over, french press, siphon, chemex, aeropress, moka pot and more).  Finally, you can purchase our products and offer or give them to your family, friends and loved ones as gifts.

So...to recap:  Our products are great anywhere and everywhere at anytime:

1.  Workplace
2.  Picnics
3.  Camping
4.  Hiking
5.  Airplane
6.  Train
7.  Gifts