Jan. 30, 2017

Okay, you might be wondering what does an environmentally friendly planter kit have to do with hand drip coffee? Great question.  We're thrilled you asked.  Basically, we believe in the drip method -- whether it's via hand drip or pour over coffee or a slow drip of water into a plant, they all have one thing in common -- they need water to bloom, creating something beautiful.  

(A plethora of Re Cup Planter Kits -- photograph courtesy of Jonathan Warren Carroll)

It's safe to say when we researched this topic, the Re Cup Planter Kit struck our fancy and we immediately wanted to showcase them as soon as possible so that others can use these amazing kits in their home, at the workplace or a local nursery or plant/flower shop.  

(An up-close shot of our Yellow Re Cup Planter Kit with succulent -- photograph courtesy of Jonathan Warren Carroll)

They're wonderful for succulents and smaller plants and create a unique vibrancy for any area they are placed in.  We offer them here in a variety of colors -- simply choose the quantity of kits that you would like and the color and we will ship it off to you (soil and plants do not come with the kit).  At any rate, here are some photographs.  Enjoy!

(From left to right -- soil, succulent, hand drip cold brew coffee, small pebbles and a yellow Re Cup Planter Kit.  The kits are easy to assemble and come in an array of different colors.  Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Warren Carroll)

Our Re Cup Plants Kits are great gifts for plant and gardening enthusiasts, nurseries, flower shops, local businesses and for display and use at home.  Soon, we'll be posting DIY instructions with photographs on how to assemble these so you can start growing your plants immediately.