Photographs Around Phoenix Metropolitan Area

We love photography. We love our products more. Why not blend our love of both? Here's a plethora of photographs from around the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Enjoy the sites of our product + the scenery.

Re Cup Kits (Environmentally Friendly Plants)

Here are some photographs of our Re Cup Plant Kits - An interesting plant growing kit to think about the environment.

Photoshoot at Modern Manor

With permission of the amazing Modern Manor in Melrose District, we shot some photographs of our hand drip coffee. Take a peak. Feel like coffee now? We thought so.

Hatch Notebook

We recently teamed up with Hatch Notebook for a giveaway of one of their notebooks, one of our office packs and 10 travel packs.

The Coffee Treaty

We took part in the first Coffee Treaty, organized and planned by MOD PHX. Additionally, our founder made a presentation about Cafe Emporos, the hand drip process and demonstrations.

Photographs from other STATES

The United States of Emporos

Photographs from South Korea

As you may or may not know, our founder spent over five years in South Korea. Here are some random shots he took while residing there.