Meet The Artist -- Cafe Emporos

Handmade Hive - Courtney Doncevic

Here's a brief description of Handmade Hive and some questions they asked our founder -- we appreciate their support:

"One of the best parts about doing what we do with our monthly boxes is being able to discover unique products to share with our subscribers every month. One such product is the hand drip coffee satchel from Cafe Emporos! This is such a fantastic product!

The Coolest Way To Make Coffee - LuLew Belle

We sent LuLew a few of our samples to try. It's safe to say she loved them.

Cafe Emporos, The Little Satchels That Can

Coffee Ken - Ken Feighner

Local coffee reviewer and enthusiast to Phoenix Metro wrote a very nice piece on us. We are honored to be mentioned and thankful to him for taking the time to learn about exactly what we do and offer.

The Coffee Treaty

Coffee Ken - Ken Feighner

Coffee Ken wrote a nice review of first Coffee Treaty, held at Mod PHX in Phoenix, Arizona this past Saturday, September 17th, 2016. He also mentioned us and founder Ruben Trujillo. Take a peak.

Coffee Anywhere With Cafe Emporos

Treatmo - Treatmo

The writers of Treatmo chime in on us once again -- another great piece to read...this time, instructions on how to prepare a hand drip coffee using us as an example.

Stir The Mind -- Coffee Startup, Cafe Emporos

Treatmo - Treatmo

A great write-up about founder Ruben Trujillo and his idea/concept to bring not only hand drip coffee satchels to America, but also to embrace community as well.

Office Pack (10 Satchels)


Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at the office. Leave the office pack in your desk and have a fresh cup waiting to be brewed when you get to work. TAX included in total price.