Hand Drip Coffee Satchels Image


1.00 lbs

Owner + head roaster, Randy Denton, runs Xanadu Coffee Co. out of Phoenix, Arizona. We love Randy's expertise in coffee + roasting and he's a great person to do business with -- not to mention, the beans are exquisite.

We support local. We support and use Xanadu Coffee Co. We're happy to use a roaster who knows exactly what he's doing. It makes our product that much better.

Office Pack (10 Satchels)


Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at the office. Leave the office pack in your desk and have a fresh cup waiting to be brewed when you get to work. TAX included in total price.

Fifty Empty Coffee Satchels (Filters)


We are now offering fifty empty coffee satchels (filters) in case you'd like to add your own coffee. TAX is included in total price.

Re Cup Planter Kits


Introducing Re Cup Planter Kits. What are they? Environmentally friendly planters with the reuse of soil, succulents, plants, etc. We're currently offering five kits for $20. Choose different colors or all the same! 1 quantity = 5 kits. 2 quantities = 10 kits, etc. TAX included in total price.

Coffee Tea Bag (100% Coffee) 20 Count


Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee anywhere with the Coffee Tea Bag. With 100% coffee in a tea bag present your friends with something different. Like Cold Brew? Following the instructions on the have a fresh batch waiting for you in the morning.